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Middle Distance Triathlon

1.9km Swim, 90km Cycle, 21km Run

Date: Saturday, 18th July 2020
Start Time: 11:00am
11:24 (4.4m)

Location: Victoria Esplanade, CO5 8BH

“Best ever half! Such a unique course and that run was tough!



Middle Distance Triathlon distances fit the Island as though Mersea was created for such an event – The Run is 21km which is exactly the circumference of  The Island! Stunning scenery all the way round, mixed terrain and a no lap run!
The event is great for supporters too as keypoints of the race are all in one area. Located, on the central beach, this makes for a great family day out. There are plenty of facilities, cafes, toilets and parking all close by.
The Middle Distance Triathlon takes place on the Saturday so you can enjoy the pleasures of The Island for the whole weekend.
The swim is off the beach and takes place at slack tide. The Cycle takes competitors off The Island along scenic Essex country lanes and around Abberton Reservoir before heading back to the transition to begin the final leg. The Run for this event is effectively half a Marathon in distance and competitors both love and hate the all terrain course. This is a flat triathlon but the terrain is a mixture of road, sand and seawall making it a unique but challenging course.

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