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Ipswich Childrens Triathlon Results

We would like to thank all of you that took part in our first Childrens Triathlon.

Statement from Abbie & Josh

Our marshals and volunteers support us and the sport out of the goodness of their hearts. Each one of them has vowed not to volunteer for a Children’s Event again. All were shocked by the behaviour of a minority of parents. Some of them were reduced to tears. We therefore regret that this may be our first and only Children’s Triathlon.

We were encouraged by the BTF to run a Children’s league event because of the quality of our Adult events.
We understand that only 3 out 30 Regional Technical Officials will officiate at Children’s Events. We understand why.

On the day, we felt the children were magnificent, from the TriStar STARTS doing their first event to the athleticism of the TS3’s.  Yes, we acknowledge we made errors on the day; mainly to do with channels in and out of transition and of course the lap numbers in the TS1 Run. We don’t think we deserve the abuse that we were given, and our marshals certainly don’t. We hope the children were not affected by the example of these few.


After deliberation and consultation with the Triathlon England East Region Race Series Co-ordinator and Triathlon England East Region Chairman ( and Technical official at our event ) the T1 race results have been reviewed and adjusted accordingly ( taking into account associated run times )  to what would, we Island Races and Triathlon England East Region believe to have been a fair reflection of how the T1 event would have finished.

Please review the results accordingly – Any further appeals regarding the race results should be made by Email to Ash Nicholson – by no later than Thursday 31st May, after which no further appeals will be considered.

The results going forward from this date will be uploaded on to Triathlon England East Region web site for inclusion in the East Region Races Series.

Next Event:

The Islander - Middle Distance Triathlon
Saturday 18th July 2020

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